A 360° View on Rail and Transit Performance

TI-Analytics is a business intelligence tool for meeting the operational and maintenance requirements of high performance rail and mass transit authorities.

Fundamentally, TI-Analytics performs data aggregation and warehousing via read-only interfaces to low-level systems including those for train control, signalling, and asset management. TI-Analytics converts data into information and calculates key transit performance indicators. From a business stand point, TI-Analytics provides automated views on the state of transit operations, service availability and quality; the ability to implement proactive, cost and time effective maintenance practices; and comprehensive decision support services including ‘what-if’ analyses of system changes on overall transit performance.

TI-Analytics provides a three tied approach, each level providing specific analytical tools for effective management of day-to-day operations focused on the business needs of the managerial team, the maintenance team and the operational team.

TI-Analytics for Performance

TI-Analytics provides an automated 360° view on transit performance and service availability, TI-Analytics calculates performance driven payment to the transit operator in the case of the correspondent business model. TI-Analytics includes executive dashboards and decision support tools.

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TI-Analytics for Maintenance

TI-Analytics provides data aggregation, analytical and prognostic tools for the discovery of systematic faults and their correlations with infrastructure and external factors. TI-Analytics automates fleet mileage calculation, reveals operational opportunities and negative trends and provides aggregated view on technical data that is required for comprehensive root-cause analysis of systematic faults or irregularities.

TI-Analytics optimizes fleet, guideway and infrastructure maintenance by discovering leading indicators to failure and enabling practices of predictive maintenance. The prime goal of TI-Analytics is to reveal and monitor indicators leading to vehicles, communication or infrastructure faults for proactive maintenance.

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TI-Analytics for Operations

TI-Analytics visualizes fleet positioning in real-time, together with built in fault monitoring and alerting services. TI-Analytics enables access to operational data anywhere it is needed.

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