Automated Performance Measurement and Reporting

TI-Analytics for Performance provides automatic measurement system performance in accordance with the contractual requirements of the transit operator. TI-Analytics is managerial tool for the planning, control and optimization of transit performance.


TI-Analytics automates performance measurement. Presented through an executive dashboard are the resulting indicators of quality and service availability.

TI-Analytics aggregates performance-related data from multiple underlying sub-systems. As a result, technical details regarding what, when and why the system underperformed are only 2 clicks away from the executive dashboard.

Planning and Maximizing Performance

TI-Analytics includes a comprehensive ‘What-If’ analytical component. It allows to measure the impact of operational and system changes on service availability.

Fig 1. TI-Analytics helps you maximize service availability and service quality.

TI-Analytics also provides a reporting module that implements custom requirements for analyzing historical data. Reports are used for revealing the causality of low performance indicators.

The reporting module helps management to discover negative trends during their early stages and to act on a problem resolution in a quick and proactive manner.

Control Mechanism for Performance-Driven Operating Contracts

Rapid transit enterprises that operate based on a service availability business model have service payments linked to performance over the life of the correspondent Design-Build-Maintain-Operate or Public-Private Partnership contract.

For such projects, TI-Analytics offers a finance component that automates the calculation of contractual payment based on service availability and quality KPIs.

TI-Analytics also includes a comprehensive risk management module for the forecasting of budgets, analyzing the cost impact of extending operating hours, changing schedules, infrastructure upgrades, and so on, on transit performance and service payment.

Technical Attributes

TI-Analytics for Performance is a highly customizable and scalable solution. It is built on a generic model of rapid transit operations. Business logic of specific data providers (such as a particular automated control system or zone controller data feed) is encapsulated in appropriate adaptors. Such an architecture makes TI-Analytics agnostic to the underlying low-level systems.

TI-Analytics has a low total cost of ownership and simple governance practices. It is built as domain-specific, web-based Microsoft SharePoint Server application. TI-Analytics has the same extendable and robust security model as the Microsoft SharePoint Server provides.