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May 2017 — South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority (“TransLink”), Vancouver, Canada has invited Transit Insight Systems to Supplier Forum for presenting our Train Performance Monitoring platform.

January 2017 — Transit Insight Systems has received Canadian research grant for our experimental projects in realm of big data mining for predictive maintenance of rapid transit operators.

September 2016 — Rideau Transit Maintenance, Ottawa, Canada awarded contract to Transit Insight Systems for supplying automated Train Performance Monitoring System for Confederation Line, Ottawa.

October 2015 — Thales Transportation, HK has awarded contract for provision of Real Time Signaling Status Monitoring System for WRL Line, Hong Kong

April 2015 — Transit Insight Systems has been awarded contract for implementation of Thales ViewTrac predictive LRT maintenance solution for Docklands Light Rail, UK

August 2014 — Thales Transportation and Transit Insight Systems has signed partnership agreement for delivering BI solutions for predictive LRT maintenance

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